What we do

We offer consultancy in wide range of architectural, interiors, structural & construction management projects. Our team consists of highly qualified architects, planners, interior designers, engineers having vast experience & technical knowhow to provide complete architectural, structural, sanitary electrical, planning interior designing and execution for any kind of project. We undertake full responsibility to provide harmony, function & efficient utilization of spaces with emphasis on aesthetic & environment in our innovative & appealing designs. We have a well-trained work force in every field.

Architecture Services


We provide architectural Services including planning and designing for hospitals, residential schools, office complexes, residential complexes, sports facilities, etc. with pre-construction, construction and post-construction services.

Our design is derived from the available site topography, weather conditions, type of project, etc.

We design elegant solutions that align with our clients’ goals and deliver real value.

Design that is appropriate, quantifiable and relevant.

Architecture Services
Interior Services


An emphasis on interior detailing combined with a simplistic approach to design form a unique offering.

Our philosophy consists of attention to detail not only in design, but also customer service as well.

We understand each project we begin has specific needs, budgets, and a level of quality with the work involved.

Whether you are building a new home or updating your furniture, we offer functionality, style and value.

Interior Services
Structure Services


We offer structural engineering expertise for buildings of all types & sizes, including residential bungalows, apartments, row houses, mass housing, commercial, cultural & institutional, educational, government, healthcare and sports & public assembly.

Our solution-focused design approach uses sophisticated methods to conceptualize, model and deliver integrated designs that benefit all project stakeholders.

Our Structural Engineers team up with architects, building owners and builders to design safer & economical solutions for projects of all types, sizes & levels of complexity.

Structure Services
Pre-Engineered Buildings Services

Pre-Engineered Buildings

We provide complete solutions for pre engineered buildings right from estimation to analysis, design, detailing & certification.

Our team has expertise in responding to daily challenges of PEB manufacturers, whether it is urgent quote, design query or any other shop query we are reliable consultants for PEB manufacturers.

We are well appreciated by most of the PEB manufacturers for our accuracy and fast response.

Pre-Engineered Buildings Services
Construction Consultancy

Construction Consultancy

We offer construction consultancy services to architects & contractors, which includes, Site surveillance Constructability reviews, including bill of quantities, project specifications, project drawings & construction periods.

Local authority requirements & documentation.

Quality control & schedule management.

Construction Consultancy
Meet Our


Mr. Milind More

PEB Consultant

Mr. Dhawal Sambre

Structural Consultant

Mr. Kapil Masirkar

Solar System Consultant

Mr. Rahul Bakale

MEP Consultant
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